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Fast Growth and Preemptive Market Leadership

Central IQ provides industry analysis, strategic planning, and business development services to help clients like you emerge as preemptive leaders in lucrative and fast-growing convergence markets where the health, education, and social-service sectors are colliding with disruptive forces (such as breakthrough technologies, new industries, and game-changing events).

Industry Analysis Services

Our analytical work typically centers on:

  • Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT Analyses
  • Value-Chain and Supply Chain Maps
  • Product, Service, and Solution Assessments and Optimization

Strategic Planning Services

We deliver practical and cost-effective plans-of-action (POAs) derived from:

  • Situation Troubleshooting and Scenario Analyses
  • Financial Analyses and Forecasts
  • Business Plan, System, and Process Development

Business Development Services

We jumpstart client sales, margins, earnings, and competitiveness through:

  • Value-Proposition Design and Testing
  • Pilot-Program and Case-Study Development
  • Revenue Jumpstart and Scaleup Initiatives


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