Career-Related Toolkits

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Life Engineering as a Starting Point

Central IQ empowers team members so they are able to (1) decide what they want from life, (2) develop strategies to get from where they are to where they want to be, and (3) turn their dreams into realities.

To achieve this, our Company leaders serve as trustworthy career counselors and coaches.

We arm team members with self-management, organizational management, and community management toolkits.

We ensure they are focused on creating their desired futures by:

  1. Exercising self-awareness
  2. Defining their missions, visions, and objectives
  3. Establishing and living by core values
  4. Developing differentiating critical insight
  5. Expanding their knowledge, know-how, and know-who
  6. Improving their skills
  7. Identifying and making use of contribution-multiplying tools
  8. Securing essential and differentiating training
  9. Developing and acting upon well-conceived plans
  10. Measuring outcomes, evaluating outliers, and gleaning lessons for continuous improvement 

Please check back for additional career-related resources. If you would like to tell us about yourself in the meantime, please contact us.


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