What Is Our Business?

Central IQ is in the business of enhancing clients’ revenues, margins, scalability, earnings, and competitiveness.

We do this by (1) focusing on things that have already happened that have yet to have full impact, and (2) helping our clients capitalize on these developments ahead of their competitors.

Our unique competency is our ability to identify the business implications and imperatives associated with unexpected successes and failures in lucrative and fast-growing convergence markets where disruptive forces (such as new industries, breakthrough technologies, and game-changing events) are impacting the health, education, and social-service sectors.

With insight into what must be done to achieve breakthrough performance, we help clients focus both joyfully and maniacally on  (1) the performance needs of customers; (2) the talented knowledge workers in, and unique capabilities of, the organization; and (3) purposeful and effective work.

Who Are Our Customers?

Our customers are top decision makers in the health, education, and social-service sectors.

They tend to be entrepreneurs in investor-funded startups, chief officers in the lead business units of world-class multinationals, or executive directors in not-for-profits or government agencies.

What Do Our Customers Value?

Our clients value improved revenues, gross margins, operating efficiencies, operating margins, net income, returns-on-investment (ROI), net present values (NPVs), internal rates of return (IRRs), market opportunities, market size, market potential, market penetration, market share, brand equity, speed-to-market, speed-to-revenues, speed-to-favorable-liquidity-events, share price, talent acquisition, professional development, employee productivity, employee satisfaction, employee retention, organizational development, corporate development, core competencies, capacities for innovation, compound annual growth rates (CAGR), competitiveness, valuations, share prices, constituent relations, and more.

What Results Have We Achieved?

We have measurably enhanced the performance of startups, niche market leaders, brand-name multinationals, not-for-profits, and government agencies. (Please visit our client list to learn more.)

What Is Our Plan?

We will continue to help clients become highly profitable, fast-growing, and trailblazing leaders in market, corporate, and product development, leveraging our industry analysis, strategic planning, and business development skills.

We will continue to focus on convergence markets where disruptive forces (such as new industries, breakthrough technologies, and game-changing events) impact the health, education, and social-service sectors.

We will continue to demonstrate mastery of:

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Quality Systems and Scalability
  • Human and Economic Performance Optimization

And, finally, we will increasingly productize our insight, content, and capabilities in support of groundbreaking:

  • Publishing and Broadcasting Initiatives
  • Conferences and Collaboration Initiatives
  • Technology Transfer and Commercialization Initiatives

What’s In It For You?

Turn to us to help you:

  • Target and Troubleshoot
  • Plan and Forecast
  • Scale Up and Outperform

Count on us for performance-driving insight and initiatives.

Central IQ.

We’re the fastest route to revenue™!

© 2017 Central IQ, Inc. 

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